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Welcome to our Photo's of Fish Caught Romppai's lures


If you have photo's of your fish that were caught on our products Please E mail them to us along with a short Description.  And we will put them on this page. Mail 

July 1st, caught with an EMMROD Mountaineer and a Salmo Executor IEX7SR-RPH CRANKBAIT July 1st, caught with an EMMROD Mountaineer and a Romppi's Nipigon fish jig. July 1st, caught with an EMMROD Mountaineer and a Romppi's Yellow/Chart. Bullet Fuzz Grub
Lost a dear friend, doing what he loved    


APS added 6hp & 8 HP  outboards Click Here, and Tomos E-BIKE 36 volts DC, it look just like the Tomos 50 and 150 CC gas Scooter, click here 30Hp and 40Hp due to come out in late August 2010, as well a power tilt and tril option to add on to the APS outboard from Tomos Canada



We are pleased to announce, we now have leasing available for our many large ticket items, equipment only, $1500.00 each or more, for government, organizations and any business's

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Some products from other suppliers can be booked as late as April 30th, but call so you will know your booking dead line to order,



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