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Welcome to our Outdoor division  of Romppai's

Here you will find, just about anything to do with the outdoors

Romppai's can supply you with marine parts, Supplies and Accessories from  the following Manufacturers across Canada. Retail Only!!

100's of other Marine Supplies and "Accessories" from Depth sounders, GPS to holding tanks, tow ski or water toy ropes, tow masts, we have just about anything you need for RVing, summer fun, water toys, and everything in between, MUCH MUCH MORE, Stop By to see for your self, other wise your missing out as well as paying to much! We are going to try an list more product links on the left in time Click here for videos why Sierra

Thousands of after market I/O & Outboard parts by, check online catalogues, Then place your order with us. Click logo, once to go to there site, search by OME number, or model, OME is best if you know it, call your dealer and ask for the OME # if you have too.


  Just to list some of the product suppliers we have, there listed below,, to save you $$ order your marine products, toys, you name it before January 30th of each year for sring delivery, and we will save you a lot of cash,,
303 Products
Acco Controls
Action Products
Alex Milne
Aqua Products
Attwood Mobile Prod.
Audiovox Specialized App.
Automation Plus
B & M Mfg. Inc.
B. Erickson Mfg.
Balcan Plastics
Bearing Buddy Inc.
Beckson Marine
Bennett Marine
Blue Sea System
Bondo/Mar-Hyde Corp.
The Bosworth Company
Bridgeline Ropes
Buck Algonquin
Burgess Chemical
Canadian Canopy
Canadian Rec. Prod. -Trekk
Captain Phab
Castrol Canada Inc.
CDI Electronics
C.H. Yates Rubb. Corp.
Chilton Book Co.
Cooper/Champ Spk Plug
Conestoga Tire & Rim
CRC Marine
Davis Instruments
Dayco Swan
Daymond Aluminum
Detroit Marine (Delmar)
D.Lilly & Company
Dock Edge
Dry Launch
Dutton-Lainson Co.
Eastern Fastners
Ero Industries
E.Z. Steer
Faria Marine Inst.

Fireboy /Xintex Safe. Syst.
Force 10 Marine
Fortress Marine Anchors
PFM Inc.
Fulton Mfg.
General Ecology Inc.
Goldeneye Products
Golight Inc.

Guest Company Inc.
Heart Interface
Hynautic Marine Sys.
Idea Development
Ironwood Pacific
ITT Fluid Products
Johnson Pump of Am.
JWB Environmental
Kingston Anchors
Lubrimatic Div.
Marine Dynamics
Marine Tchnologies
Master Lock
Master Tool
Mayfair/Johnson Pumps
McGard Inc.
Merithian Products
Metal Distributors
Michigan Wheel Corp.
Moeller Marine Products
Morse Controls
N.A. Taylor
Newmarnexus Marine
NGK Spark Plug
NHS Marine
Optronics Inc.
Orion Signal Products
Paint Sundry Products
Pettit Paint Co.
Philadelphia Resins Corp.
Polyform U.S. Ltd

Pecision Platers
Prime Line Power Equip.
Protexion Products
Pyrene Corp.
Raritan Engineering
R.E. Chapin Mfg.
Richardson Publishing
Ritchie Nav. Intruments
Rotech Industries
Rule Industries
Ruston Enterprise
S&J Products
Safegard Corp.
Samui Corp.
Sanitation Equipment
Scepter Mfg.
Scott Plastic Ltd.
Scythes Inc.
Seaward Products

Sensatron Inc.
Serf Leisure Products
Sevylor Inflatables
Shakespeare Elec.
Shrader Canada
Shrinkit Inc.
Sierra Inc.
Ski-Tek Industries
Springfield Marine
Stain-Fast Stainless Fast.

Star brite
Superex Canada
Svedala Trellex
Swivl-Eze Marine
Syntec Industries Inc.
T&R Marine
T.H. Marine Supp. Inc.
Taco Metals
Techsonic Ind. Inc.
Teleflex Marine Inc.
Tempo Products
Transfer Monogram
Tri-Peek Inc.
Upper Canada Paddle
Vanguard Steel Ltd.
Wellington Puritan
Wesbar Corp.
Westbridge Ent.
Wilcox Crittenden





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Thank you for your under standing

We accept debit, and credit card payments with our own debit credit card terminal, we also will accept payment by Pay-Pal, due to there much higher fees, an additional service charge will apply, starting at minimum $3.00, and can go up on big orders paid with pay-pal.. if you are a customer that would like to see a shopping cart or buy now buttons for Pay-Pal, on our site, please send reqest email to, telling us your wants.. we are considering it at this time, we want to make sure all the extra work would be worth wile.... how ever our main shopping cart will be up and running soon, with a lot of items sold but our electronic and outdoor products, custom tackle and much more,

you can buy a gift certificate for that special someone by clicking the pay-pal  gift certificate bottom, (no service fee on  gift certificate as our gift to you)

You are number one to us here at Romppai's, next time you need something, or you know you will need it next year, pre book your order before the 15th of February of each year, and you will get your items for far lest ever before, because your helping us meet our minimum orders with our suppliers, so we pass on this big big savings on to you, just for helping use meet our obligations, small none refundable deposit is mandatory..