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Please Note: these as well as other pages are under construction, big changes are coming your way, all retail pricing is dropping, due to our strong Canadian dollar, give us time to change all retail pricing, we have thousands of pages to do.

When looking for laptops, printers, monitors, please don't rush out to buy, most all store there pricing is high, and most stock is out of date when you buy it, that is how fast tecnolagy changes, we order you the most up to date laptop, desk top, printer or hardware, we will save you $$$

Attention Dealers and Jobber, check out our wholesale pages, you will see we have auto, truck, Heavy equipment and RV electrical, Welding cable, CV joint and axials, Tools, brake lines, trannee lines, Spray nine cleaners up to 209 lt drums, you must check it all out, the list goes on, FREE shipping on all TECHSPAN & Cole Hersee products


We are located 20 minutes west of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, off hwy 102 (Dawson Road) Our warehouse is open 7 days a week 9am to 10pm, we recommend, call before you come.

We look after 99% of all product warranty problems  for you here in Kam or at our new service center in Thunder Bay. Come April 2010 look for our high way sign on 102

Note: Any products that are wholesaled by Romppai's is not retailed, with the exception of our own name brand products, (Romppai's wholesale or Romppai's) any product or service sold retail by Romppai's or Romppai's wholesale is a complete deferent product line, not available to dealer's for resale, you will receive a discount, if you are a registered dealer of Romppai's Wholesale, for your business or personal use. Buy Canadian made products and your helping our Canadian economy, 98% of Romppai's name brand products are made in Canada, in fact made right here in Thunder Bay Ontario, so you are helping our Thunder Bay economy as well.

Shop in your own home town, to better the life style we have all come to enjoy, by shopping in Canada and Buying Canadian made.  Support our great city, Thunder Bay Ont. We will all better our Canadian economy.  Buy Canadian Made products.  All Romppai's Fishing lures, Jig's, Spoons, Lake trolls, Pontoon Boats, Pontoon Docks. Trailers, Tanks of many kinds, from fuel, oil, holding, fresh water and many many other products you many need that we Manufacturer, right here in Kaministiquia Ont. Canada.

Now on to about Romppai's Wholesale & Manufacturer


under construction

We wholesale many product lines, not just fishing

All our own name brand custom fishing tackle sold wholesale or retail, look and ask for our product at your dealer, we use top of the line product part on our tackle, look for our logo

Romppai's Wholesale dose not Retail to anyone were we have a dealer, if you would like our products we can ship it to any dealer" any were! All Prices on our site are M.S.R.P and in Canadian funds.

I do however sell our product RETAIL at special shows.  as it is our responsibility to get our products in to your hands (the consumer).

 Our boats, Trailers & motors are sold as package deals, they are retail only! This does not include any fishing Tackle/fishing supplies! with the one exseption, our own name brand tackle.

We are located 20 minutes west of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, off hwy 102 (Dawson Road) Right turn onto Auto Road 4.5 km down Auto Road to Laukka Laine, you will see our signs

This operation started off as a very small Canadian made fishing tackle wholesale manufacturer in 2001, on Nov. 24 2003 Later expanded into a very large Wholesale Manufacture an distributor of top quality products, on Jan. 2nd 2004 I opened this web site so dealers from all over can have my products, then on June 15 2004 we opened Romppai's & Outfitters was a Canadian Manufacturer of pontoon boats, pontoon docks or rafts in kit form or we can custom assemble your pontoon boat/House Boat, Barge, for just about any use,  and all to your specific specifications to fit your budget as well as supply you with all the marine product to complete your boat. however quickly out grew one location.  Now the same is done with Romppai's with one change, we build complete units.

Right now I know I am  the larges stocked wholesale manufacturer in Northwestern Ontario with 1000's of components, to make just about any jig, lure or spoon you may need as well as components you may need, Having said all that my main business remains as a  Wholesale Manufacture an distributor of  top quality products.   I do not list our dealers for security reasons, if you send me your address I will try to point you to the nearest dealer or if there is a tackle or hardware shop in your town please point them my way, make shire you have them give me your name and contact info and if they become one of or dealers I will send you a gift as a thank you.  

     My goal is to be the largest wholesale manufacture and distributor in Northwestern Ontario to bring Canadian fishermen/women the latest in fishing products and Custom Made Tackle, The Way Tackle Should Be! At no extra charge, I feel that Canadian stores and shops should have the same products on their shelves as the U.S. and UK and not having to wait until it is an old product before we even hear about them. four summers ago I even traveled to the UK in hopes of finding new ideas and product, I visited many sporting goods stores as well as many manufacture including the Rapala plant in Finland and also traveled to Estonia..

    For this reason I am determined to bring the finest of products to our dealers after they have been tested by pro and field staff in some of the most extreme conditions.  Combine this with competitive pricing and you have a partner in supplying you with products to keep you coming back again and again.

The only thing was I did not stop at wholesale hunting an fishing, you will have to like over our wholesale products page, an even at that you have to look it over often, I add new product to the wholesale pages, same as i do with our retail products an services, I can't begin to list it all here, it would be old by next week.

     I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for considering Romppai's as one of the sources for your supply needs, weather you are a corner garage or a heavy equipment shop of any kind, contractor, to a hotel.  It is my opinion that I offer some of the best products available, all of my focus goes into bringing you top quality products that will work. If you have any special needs or concerns, tell us.

This company was created to specialize in Canadian locally handcrafted tackle. With our competitors, what you see is what you have to choose from. Tackle by Dy offers you endless ways to customize - everything from color, blade size, bead size, hook style and size including length of mono or wire, right down to the tensile strength. Custom Tackle Your Way.
We carry all the jigs, Weight Forward Spinner heads, Lead Spinner Bodies, Lead Worm Weight, Bait Walkers, Bottom Bouncers, Quick Change Weights, and more. If for some reason there is other ways you would like your lure made please do not hesitate to include it in your order on our check out page, in some cases extra charge may apply.

    All hooks are top quality from Eagle Claw, VMC, Tru-Turn or Daiichi. We also use top quality lure components that must meet our specifications. For a quick look at some of the top quality manufactures we use  Click Here, You will also find there product in our catalogue and web site. If you can not find what you are looking for please contact us and we will do our best to find/get it for you.

    With over 20 paint colors to chose from, Click Here for PAINT Colors   1/2" wide LURE TAPES  and a wide variety of molds there are vast possibilities of lures. When choosing these paints, they are power coatings and are baked on at 350 degrees to ensure that the fisherman receives a product that is virtually chip resistant. Any of our lures that have lure tape on them are coated with our water clear, rock hard PC finish.  If there is something you want and don't see it, ask, and we just might be able to provide it.

    My specialty is designing fishing tackle to the fisherman’s specification. You can pick the hook style and size, blade color and size, bead color in size, without having to pay a custom fee. We also offer specialty lures for weddings, family reunions, retirement parties and business promotions and more. As an example, a Spinner with a 24 kt. gold or genuine silver Blade engraved with your name and date is available for only a $3.00 extra engraving fee per item, Also available is pad printing on any spinner blade or spoon, chose from many Pre-made templates and add your own text in color print, a 2 color print is available as well as a 1 color print on any spinner or spoon color you want, click here for a small assortment of pre-made templates that will work very well on any spinner or spoon, just add your own text, or just have the regular spinner or spoon packaging labeled with name and date at $ 0.25 extra charge per item. Minimum order quantities apply. Please call for details.

So ask your self why buy expensive brand name lures and in the end cut the hook off to make it your way? isn't it costly? So why not start with what you want. after all most fishing shows will tell you to modify your brand name lures. Witch means cutting off some costly component/s!

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 Some item on or web site are not available to retailers, these items are marked at the top & bottom of pages, this is the suppliers policy.

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