We are pleased to announce, we now have leasing available for our many large ticket items, equipment only, $1500.00 each or more, for government, organizations and any business's, ONLY. If you are an end consumer and would like, say a HeatmasterSS  wood furnaces, or any other large item, you can apply on line for financing, ( not a lease) just click the re-mortgage tab on the opening page, by clicking the blue button. Note: you will most likely get a much better interest rate then you now pay on your mortgage

The HEATMASTER G & MF Furnace Series!

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NEW FOR 2012  Have you bought a Heatmaster SS unit? If so, you can make some doe!

Customer Referral Program - Any customer referral that leads to the sale of the furnace

will be eligible for a $100 CND funds payment from Heatmaster ss.and a $50.00 payment from Romppai's.  If Romppai's is the dealer you buy from.

Customer must submit contact information of referral lead to Heatmaster ss office via

Heatmaster ss website, email or phone.(877) 325-9792 Heatmaster ss will submit lead to nearest

dealer to complete sale. Customer will receive payment when sale is confirmed with

Heatmaster ss offices

New models are now out, download brochure below, call for more details

Heatmaster-ss MF-Series-Brochure.pdf                           Heatmaster-ss G-Series-Brochure.pdf


Do Not Wait again this year until it gets cold. it happen's every year, and they end up SOL

Pre-Book And Save!

Look for our up-coming summer hot deals and save, you must buy a Heatmaster ss unit before sale end dates for instant rebates, buy 2011 model units now at 2011 pricing, well stock lasts.  New 2012 model units have a price increase over 2011 pricing, starting at +$500.00 to +$1000.00 depending on model.

Heatmaster SS provides the most outdoor stove for your dollar. We use Titanium Enhanced 409 Stainless Steel in all of our furnaces to go along with our premiere designs and provide the most features including forced air draft with variable speed blower, rocker grates and electronic temperature controls for easy use. Shop and compare. You won't find a better value!

Heatmaster SS guarantees the highest quality, high efficiency wood furnaces, backing our product with a life time Limited Warranty while testing each furnace before it leaves our plant. The cost saving benefits of using a wood furnace can pay for itself in a few years and uses a renewable resource while being good to the environment.

Don't wait until it gets cold to order yours, the factory is so busy in the fall, you may not get yours until mid winter if you leave it to late, if we do not have stock.

Heatmaster SS units are the number one chose and the top selling units across Canada and the USA, you will not find a better made unit any were, price, well you will be happy with it, plus all the extras fetchers you get, that no others company offers

There Made in Canada. Contact us today download product sheet here MF Series        CHINOOK                    FAQ 

2010 Competitor Comparison Updated 032510.pdf

Check out there all new G100, G200  & G 400

As an environmental powerhouse, our wood gasification based G Series furnace delivers exceptional heating performance while meeting EPA Phase 2 Qualifications*. With a clean, efficient design, the G Series blends leading-edge outdoor wood furnace technology with the solid construction, proven craftsmanship and performance standards that go into all HeatMasterSS products. Most cities banned the use of outdoor units as they are made like an incinerator, witch incinerators are band, all Heatmaster SS units meet EPA, the CHINOOK  gasification of the G100, G200 - G 400  burns cleaner then a car


G Series furnaces work with any existing heating system while providing:

  • Low Maintenance
  • Clean, User-friendly Design (with little to no ash clean-up)
  • Virtually Smoke-free Operation


*Phase 2 Qualified models are cleaner and pollute less than models that have not met this emission standard.

†This unit qualifies for the US Federal Tax Credit which provides 30 percent (up to $1500) for the purchase of a qualified biomass-burning stove or fireplace insert between January 1, 2009 and December 31, 2010.

The greener, cleaner choice for home heating-click here

Today, studies show that when burned properly, wood fires remain one of the most efficient and environmentally-sound ways to generate heat because it uses a renewable, abundant energy resource with zero net carbon contribution.

In addition to reducing carbon emissions, which are believed to contribute to the greenhouse effect, burning wood instead of pricy fossil fuels enables homeowners to dramatically lower their energy costs. With an outdoor furnace, you can live comfortably in your heated home, knowing that your carbon footprint is getting smaller while your spending budget is suddenly growing larger.

Compare the superior performance and the economical and environmental benefits of outdoor furnaces when measured against conventional heat sources:

Fuel efficiency table

Visit the factory  site

Romppai's covering all of North Western Ontario. Will do the full install of any unit,  Equipment is intended to be installed by someone with the proper expertise, background and certification. Do-It-Yourselfers accept all risk for both installation and equipment selection. or damage. We strongly encourage we install, or someone with proper expertise, inspection by use or proper expertise,   inspection fee applies. We will assist you with any Do-It-Yourselfers but it is on your own risk,.  We have everything you need to complete your install, (including any items needed in your home, at price's far better then any other suppliers, not to mention top quality products, unlike what most suppliers will offer you, and with in a year you need to change it, this is why I got into any of the business's we have, I got sick of the crap stores were selling... plain and simple.. remember you get what you pay fore, no more............................................... The best deal ends up to be the best mistake, been there done that so many times, Have You? the Buck stops here.


We are located 16 min, west of County Fair Plaza in Thunder Bay Ont. Canada, out Hyw 102 (Dawson Road) Turn left on Auto Road, go 4.5km you will see our sign on the right, There is a sign on Hyw 102 facing west bound traffic, if your coming from the west, just past Mud Lake Road, Turn Left at the Wild Woode Store (Can-op) if you have a GPS traveler mate, enter 1150 Dawson Road Thunder bay, that will take you to the Wild Woode store, right across the road is Auto Road, or to land Helicopter or ultra light  right in our yard, enter into GPS If you don't have one, order one from us.....

2012 Pre-Book And Save! 2012 models ( July 1 - August 31 2012)

Any furnace sold or pre-booked for installation before September 30 2012 receives

either (but not both):

1. Up to $1000 in free installation parts


2. Up to $1000 instant factory rebate

Any furnace purchased by a retail customer during this time will be eligible for an instant

rebate OR free parts up to $1000 in the following schedule:

MF-3000, MF-5000, MF-5000e, G200, MF-10000e - $500

MF-20000e - $1000

Instant Rebate or Free Parts will be the amount of

IMPORTANT: To qualify for this Furnace special the retail customer must include at

least a $1000 down payment no later than August 15th 2012 on the furnace with an estimated "installation" date prior to

September 30 2012.




life time year limited warranty

We have everything you need to complete the job, or we can do it all. (do not get talked into foam on your under ground pipes, and use 1"ID pipe, NOT 3/4" ID most will tell you it is 1" pipe but they mean 1" O/D, You will have lots of heat loss if you do any one of the wrong things, do it right the first time!! We have been installing them for many years. Remember you get what you pay fore????

pricing will be online soon, if there not sold out before we have time to get it online, Contact us for more info info@romppais.com


Thunder Bay Ont. Canada


We will not be under-sold.  If you find the same product at a lower price, will match it, plus take an extra 5% off

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