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Dy's JK Series 7BB Pink Reel

For that Gal in your life REG Price $69.99

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300HS-K Magnum Kaleidoscope Nailer 3.75 inch Scale Pattern

These Spoons are there new Scale Pattern, we are clearing them out as we have there old hammered 300 spoons now, when stock is gone on thre Scale Pattern that it, only few colors left email for up to date colors avalable MAGNA DYNE PRODUCTS

The Northport Nailer People

________________________________ Northport Nailer

We have an exclusive on there old 300 Series Hammered spoons

We will be happy to add new colors.

Down load our NorthPort Nailer 300HS catalog from our catalog page.

NorthPort Nailer 300HS-K Magnum Kaleidoscope Nailer 3-3/4"Pick Your Treble Hook Size & Brand, Daiichi, VMC or Eagle Claw EC or Single Siwash EC Hook and Spoon Color. The Patented E.K. Finish won't wash off, so the paint stays on the lure, not in the lake. with a number 7 Rosco Swivel If you pick the Daiichi Bleeding Bait treble the retail will change to $7.69

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Made by (SIGNAL) one year warranty Put this bright sign in your window so people know you are open or closed for those dark days & nights Jobber sale Price $99.95 Reg: Jobber Price $122.49

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