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All our Spoons and spinner blades are stamped from high grade marine brass or stainless steel and ether silver plated or 24 kt gold plated, we will custom powder pant & bake any spoon, spinner blade, lure body and much more, hell we even put our powder coating on tools and bake them as well.  A you can see we have added some spinner blades above that have been powder coated and baked, they have the corresponding color number to our color chart Click here for colors Just tell us what you need, no huge minimum orders, if our paint chips its free.  You can now find online in our online shopping cart, or on web pages lure components sold in retail packs, that you can order.

 if you do not see the lure component you need just asks as we have many thousands and it will take time to get them all online and in our catalogue, they must be ordered in sets of 6 packs per item,  you can also order our powder coated spinner blades as well.  With our all new high production equipment powder coating and baking is no longer a huge chore, in fact it has cut our time by more then half as well much less powder is used cutting our bottom line cost. and no blobs.  We also have our own in house air brush artist that will make any pattern you want and clear coat the final finish, crystal clear and rock hard, just give us a sample and we will make it happen, air brush spoons have a minimum order of 25 per size and color, on Brass or stainless steel hammered spoons, brass spinners.

at last count we have over 39 powder paint colors, & growing & 3 glitters,  including our Supper glow paints that glow there true color, and last up to 12 hour per charge.   The best lighting sources for charging this glow are those that are rich in the ultraviolet and blue light spectrum. In order of effectiveness, these are: Sunlight, quartz-halogen, mercury vapour, black light, and least effective is fluorescent & incandescent. the handiest item to have with you, and works well, is a portable camera flash, you can pick up a good cheep on in any box store for $15 to $20.00 and use good 25mil amp AA rechargeable batteries, don't skimp when it comes to batteries.

         Click here - Why Glowing Lures Are So Good At Catching Fish you will see on our color chart you can order the power paint in 50g/2oz jars for retail, minimum 2 per color, as well as many Lure tape color's sold by the foot, and die cuts, to chose from, plus new tape colors we are adding for all the time, that are not listed yet.  Click here for colors, die cut and lure eyes are available in retail packs as well (sold per foot on tapes & 10 packs for lure eyes and die cuts, 100' rolls of lure tape, and rolls of 1000 die cuts or eyes are available to qualified manufacturer or large users, minimum 2 rolls per color. we have many more colors available by special order, the full color line will be online soon, when available the link will be found here. Special orders could take up to 6 weeks so plan a head.

Have you tried our drop shot lures, we make them in many ways, but one thing you will always find on all our drop shot rigs, are 2 things. 1- A StandOut Blood Red hook made by TTI Blakemore companies, these Blood Red StandOut are a real killing, the put North Western Ont. on the map for number one hook choose, 2- as a weight on the tail end, you will find one of our custom made jigs, one of about 500 different ones we make, the most popular one that is ordered for this is an 1/8oz or 1/4oz prop jig. yes I said prop jig, we make thousands of them, with the same powder coating and baked, and unlike the imported very expensive one that after a day out on the water you open your tackle box, only to find these so called propeller jigs you paid wow how much for 3? nothing but a pile of paint chips in your tray and bare duel gray propeller jig heads, don't it make you wana cry? Look for our green logo on the package, printed on the same silver, gold or clear lure tape that is used on out lure, and you will know you have the best quality in your hands


Many hook styles, size & color to chose from

Note: All our powder coated paints are baked on to give the fishermen a chip resistant finish that we guaranty

WE have many style's & size of spoons, to fit any fishing you may do.

All new Deep Hex Trolling Flutter Spoon

Romppai's all new Deep Hex Trolling Flutter Spoons we have them stamped from premium stainless steel. 
Innovative Deep Hex Pattern with Extended Glow - Holographic Design.   Available in Brass, size 4-1/2, 5 & 6 Willow-leaf, & size  7, 8 & 9 Indiana, Spinner Blades, Color: 27 Watermelon, 14 Brook Trout, 12 Rainbow and many more by special order, these new spoons will change the way you fish as they out perform any other spoon on the market by far. as they have been tested last summer by our staff for lake Trout, Salmon, & Walleyes and found these spoons couth 3 to one of any of the other 3 well known spoon

We can Powder coat Our hammer Salmon spoons in any color from or color chart. Order NOW Before for the Spring Salmon rush.

More new Romppai's spoons or new Lures all our Hammed salmon spoons are stamped from stainless steel and Gen. silver plated "NOT" nickel plated, when a sold color is chosen covering the entire spoon  we use a Brass spoon as the silver will not shin though like our candy colors, If you chose a sold color for the front of the spoon only we will use a silver plated spoon, keep in mind the silver plated spoons are Genuine Silver and the gold are 24kt plating witch makes a brass spoon less costly, but if you know anything about salmon you know the Stainless steel spoon silver plated gets the fish, the BIG fish every time, if you don't know it look it up, these a ton on the web.


Romppai's Milwaukee Minnow

This hot new fishing lure can cover multiple applications. Works great
for fishermen that just love to cast, or combine jigging for extra
attention. However, if you're a trolling fisherman, you'll enjoy this
lures unparalleled darting motion under the water
Item #33-size-color-hook style- hook size

Size  Material Weight Dimentions


0.06 1/2oz 5/8" 5/8" W x 3" L


0.06 3/4oz 7/8" 7/8" W x 4" L

In our video, you can see this fishing lure's dynamic swimming motion
complimented by the occasional jig from our fishing rod, trolling at
about 1.75 miles per hour. Notice how it glides back and forth through
the water. Then as we apply a slight tug on the rod, the lure with
dive much like a bait fish.
Silver plated or 24 kt Gold, Order any color from our color chart of powder coatings as well as any hook chose you want..
video click here

Romppai's Silver Leaf Trolling Spoons

004-Watermelon Ice/silver back
015-Rainbow Trout/silver back
016-Superman/silver back

03-Bass Silver plated for paint

Of cores any one of our powder coatings, color from our color chart on one side so the silver plating shows on back side

Every sport fisherman needs a good quality trolling spoon, and there
isn't very many that top the well-known Silverleaf lure. This spoon
has the same action as a traditional casting spoon we have made for
the past 2 or 3 years, with an occasional tail kick when retrieved. We
recommend you leaving the Rosco swivel on the spoon or better yet
order them with a Sampo ball bearing swivel to prevent twists in your
fishing line, there is 3 size available, we are starting with the
size 2, if you want the smaller or larger ones please let us know
                                                                      and if the market is there we will do it.  Remember with Tackle By Dy you   have many hook options with any spoon, lure, jig, and much more, minimum 6 per item size and color, we do not recommend the hook style shown on the above spoons to anyone.
Item #03-02-color-hook style-hook size

Size Material Weight Dimensions
1 0.024 1/4oz 1" W x 2 3/4" L
2 0.024 1/2oz 1 3/8" W x 4" L
3 0.024 3/4oz 1 7/8" W x 5" L

 Our Silver Leaf video depicts the lures motion in a very tight
movement pattern, which makes this fishing lure unique from other
spoons. This lures' action is contained in a small area, while
delivering a continuous spin through the water. Slower trolling and
retrieving speeds will allow the spoon to slightly wobble like a
casting spoon, while higher speeds force the spoon in a continous
spin. This video was shot going 1.5 to 2.0 mph.

If you would like to see a larger video,
click here.

Romppai's Dead Eye Willy Casting Spoon

Despite the incredible success of the Willy Lure trolling and casting
spoons, our customers just couldn't get enough. So we've gone out of
our way to develop the all new Dead Eye Willy! Made with the same
design as the original, but with attached beads for both added action
and vibration. This fishing lure is equipped with a duo lock snap,
German split ring, and a VMC hook. We can give these spoons some  color from our color chart like tips & tails
Silver plated

Size Material Weight Dimensions Hook
1 0.05 1/2 oz 5/8" W x 2 7/8" L VMC X-Strong Size 4
2 0.03 1/3 oz 3/4" W x 3 3/4" L VMC X-Strong Size 4
3 0.03 3/4oz 7/8" W x 4 1/2" L VMC X-Strong Size 1/O

video, then click here. Note: this video could take a few minutes to
download depending on your internet connection


Below are all samples of Romppai's powder coated and Bake, spoons



Supper thin trolling spoon, stamped from high grade brass (44) on nickel plated


(45) Candy Purple on nickel plated, this casting spoon is available in many sizes, stamped from high grade brass or our economy steel, both come in smooth or hammered Finnish


(44) Candy Red

stamped from high grade brass

N2 - hammed

Powder coated black w/red (505) HOLOFORM tape & clear coated, coming 2007

 stamped from virgin  stainless steel  & silver plated, Brass spoons are used when solid colors are used

(42) Candy yellow

(41) Candy Green on silver plated

TR 14 Glow Lure tape


Casting or trolling spoon in 4 sizes, (49) candy blue w/a light sprinkle of Hollo silver glitter, on nickel plated, stamped from brass, truly amazing

TR 14 -3 sizes Stamped from Brass 24kt gold or Gen. silver plating, any color    


 Little ice jigger, (42) Candy Yellow on Silver plaiting "NOT" NICKEL

click image

Click to see some samples



 Jigging Spoon

Chose your color option and tape option for a custom spoon.

Shotgum Willi Wild Lady come in 2 size's stamped from virgin  stainless steel  & silver plated or stamped from copper, not copper plated,

Chose your color option and tape option for a custom spoon


Shop on line for some that on line, NOTE Color can be added  Click here BRASS_SPOONS.htm

Casting Spoon Storage Case
Casting Spoon Storage Container! Made from high impact plastic, these cases will contain most spoon sizes, even with an attached treble hook. Each case also has a convenient hang tab for tidy storage/display, or simply remove the tab and toss in your tackle box. Not only is this a great way to protect your best tackle, but a perfect solution for those tangled up tackle boxes. Comes in three durable sizes!


Case Size: 1 - Item # 64-20-01 Spoon Size 4: $1.76-3

Case Size: 2 - Item # 64-20-02 Spoon Size 6-7: $1.95

Case Size: 3 - Item # 64-20-03 Spoon Size 8: $2.17
Note: For Silver Leaf - Size 1 - Use case size 2.

                                     For Silver Leaf - Sizes 2 & 3 - Use case size 3.




For info on Nils Master Lures visit there website



A Finnish design product, Nils Master Big Mouth lure, which introduced itself in the Young Nordic Design Generation X touring exhibition in America and Europe 2001, will set out on a second world tour to conquer international fishing waters. The Big Mouth lure represents modern opening in the Finnish lure culture. Designer Tani Muhonen's specimen of skill attracted attention in the Young Forum 2000 exhibition in Finland, from where Finlandia Uistin Oy snatched the new-shaped deceiver of game fish for a development version among its NILS MASTER models.
Tani Muhonen characterizes his creation as a hydrodynamic lure. He has adapted observations on fishing waters, aquarium and even engine technology in its design. The final construction was executed as a computer modeling .
The plug imitates an alarmed little fish both in form and action. It serves both as a spinning lure and in trolling.
Pike, perch, trout, rainbow trout, bass and such specialties as Saimaa salmon and Vantaa asp have chewed the prototype in test use.
Different from the other lures Big Mouth gets its movement from the flow of water run through its body.
All parts of a traditional plug are integrated in the form of the body. The gaping mouth serves as the lip of the plug. The form of the water channel accelerates flowing like the throat of a carburetor, and gives the lure original , devious vibration, Mr. Muhonen summarizes the technique.
The Designer Tani Muhonen's  is my cosine in Finland (Arnold Romppai) old Spelling (Romppainen) So you see Designing fishing tackle is in my BLOOD!!!

• Colour map

 Canada's Importer of all Nils Master Lures, email or call us, you must hurry for 2007

Wherever fish tales of record catches are being told, you'll also hear fishermen singing the praises of Nils Master lures and their aggressive fishing properties.
The original 3 cm, 5 cm and 8 cm wobblier models are made of balsa wood, while the 12 cm, 15 cm, 18 cm, 20 cm and 25 cm wobblier models are made of apache wood. Every original wobblier is finished with a very strong plastic layer. Bete-lures are made of German silver, brass and copper. You maybe asking your self the very same thing I was asking Nils Master about the metal used in there spoons, This is what they replied with.  (Our spoons are German Silver. known as Alpaca which is a new metal with a mixture of copper, zinc, nickel. It is a full metal and can be polished).  The lures are wired through with a single section of stainless heavy duty split rings and VMC carbon steel hooks are attached. Every original Nils Master model is tested in real circumstance before production. As you can see Nils Master Lures are not made of plastic like there competitors, REEL WOOD

Every original Nils Master lure is individually quality controlled, hand tuned and swim tested before packaging.


Download Nils Master Catalogs

Nils-Master lure Mimi catalog. PDF 2.08 MB

Nils-Masteri ice lure Mini catalog. PDF

Main Catalog pdf image heavy


Krokodil Spoon

The Krokodil Spoon continues to be one of the most popular and productive lures in the Bete lure range. Especially the Blue-Krokodil BSF which has a legendary, unwavering reputation as one of the best fish catchers in the Gulf of Finland for many years. It has an irresistible intense swimming action, turning from side to side as if to show both glossy sides to the predator fish. The Krokodil  spoon is packaged as a casting spoon, our test people in Thunder Bay have tried this spoon trolling for salmon and did very well at a slow to medium trolling speed. The * indicates available with a red facet bead  

Size / Weight
6 cm, 12 g
*7 cm, 18 g
8 cm, 23 g

• Colour map



Jämtland Spoon

The Jämtland Spoon has a sharp and graceful swimming action. Its swimming action through the water is precisely right for salmon fishing. Jämtland spoon is available in 3 sizes and over 20 different colours.

Size / Weight
5,5 cm, 9 g
8 cm, 16 g
8 cm, 21 g

• Colour map


Trolling Spoon

The top quality High gloss NM Trolling Spoon has been proven as a superior spoon in its category. With its special 15 cm size it flashes in the water by turning from side to side thus attracting fish to strike.

Size / Weight
15 cm ,45 g

Size / Weight
6", 1-7/12 oz

• Colour map

Haka Deep Diving 7 cm

Haka Deep Diving
Dives fast and deep to follow the bottom contours of steep sloping shorelines with lifelike swimming action.
Color Map

Haka Deep Diving 5 cm

Size / Weight / Swimming depth
7 cm / 8 g / 0-5 m

5 cm / 4 g / 2,5 m

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