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Welcome to our Outdoor division  of Romppai's

Note: Lenco Marine has made big changes to there Lenco Drive, YES THEY STOPPED MAKING THEM 

UP-Date Aug. 2012 about Lenco drives


Lenco has stopped making there electric drive motors, I have been wholesaling them for years, as well building electric boats

Lenco donít tell me why they stop making them, but I thinks it is because water gets in the motor and stops working, lots of warranty, any time you put electric motor in water a seal can leak at any time. There are lots of posting boards on  the internet, many people posting problems with them and other factory that make similar as well.

I like to make electric hydraulic motor, I have one in testing, the electric pump stay in the boat, the drive looks like bottom end of 4 hp gas, but hydraulic motor on top out of the water as well, Hydrolic moters are used on heavy equipment for years, open to the weather and no problems at all, it is used to drive the drive shaft,, I canít show it just yet, waiting on my paten first, last 2 times, I make some thing, some bigger company steel it on me, this time I being smart.

So please stand by until system is complete and ready for market, best of all, they will be a lot less money i do be leave

Romppai's is a OME for Lenco Drives, Romppai's Wholesale a distributor for Lenco Marine.  If you are a dealer and want the Lenco products, contact our wholesale division, Note: deals, you minimum order is 5 Lenco drive kits, you can mix the micro drive, the ultimate Joy-Ride, both 2hp 24 volt, 3hp 36 volt.  Trim Tabs and hatch lifts also available, Dealer pricing is on our dealer login page. pricing is in USD  converted to CND at time of import, Do to the up and down of our Canadian dollar, Retail USD pricing download PDF Here, Tax and duty may apply, see all Lenco products HERE, we save all our customers brokerage fees, we do all our own brokerage into Canada

you may find broken links to lencos product pages until I find them all, there all over and may take soom time to find them all

24 or 36 volt Electric Power Lenco Drive Pontoon Boats, go green Product on hold, read above

Click here for more info on our electric Pontoon boats, they are great add on to our house boats or any boat at all


The ELECTRIC POWERED Pontoon Boat Kit is the same basic kit as below but has been modified to accept the Lenco 164 electric motor. View More outboard motor well, is optional. as well our APS Outboards, click here

Standard Boat Kit  (see exploded view)
Kits require
no welding.  Build your own boat with easy to follow instructions.
Kits are easy on the pocket book and are very simple to assemble.
Choose from various sizes for the application that best suits you. 
Our pontoons are made with an aluminum/magnesium alloy.

Lenco 164 electric motor

Pontoon Boat Kit

Standard Pontoon Boat Kit

Build a Pontoon Boat Kit the Lenco 164 Drive

The new Lenco Drive 164 is the most powerful, best handling and most user friendly trolling motor system ever developed. Not only has Lenco made life on the water a little easier, weíve found a way to free up your bow for more important things, like fishing. The system utilizes two 82 pound thrust trolling motors mounted to the transom, and incorporates a digital, infinite variable speed foot pedal to operate both motors in unison, for a total of 164 pounds of forward and reverse thrust. For boats up to 30 feet in length.

Do to the high fuel prices, and demand we are running 12 to 20 weeks for any pontoon orders, order today for summer 2010


Basic Boat Kit Description
Each standard 6', 7' & 8' wide Pontoon Boat Kit 
Contains the following parts

  1. 2 aluminum pontoons, each with side and under keels, front water deflectors, full length cross-member supports, sealed chambers at 5 ft. lengths, front eyes, and a rear mounting bracket for fish finder or speedometer.
  2. U bar cross-members, 2 in. high x width of boat. Additional bars for reinforcement at motor mount and bow.
  3. 4 aluminum corners c/w mooring eyes.
  4. Aluminum motor support (20 inch transom).
  5. 3 in. wide aluminum edging for complete perimeter and motor box cutout.
  6. Towing bar.
  7. All necessary nuts, bolts, screws, etc.
  8. Assembly booklet.
  9. Assembly, Lenco Drive 164, batteries and added items extra

Pontoon Boat Kits are made to last
Our pontoons are made with type 5052 H32 aluminum, an aluminum / magnesium alloy
most resistant to corrosion in fresh and sea water. The standard thickness is .081" and  .090", .100", .125" or .1875" is available.
There are solid welded chambers every 5' and each pontoon has a full length under keel and side keel for added protection.

Please Note: our website is under going a complete up-date, some information and forms need to be changed, how ever this is going to take some time. Please bare with use well these changes are made.

All our custom made pontoon's of all kinds are built here in Thunder Bay Ont. as well as Winnipeg MN

this is to save shipping cost though out Northwestern Ont & Manitoba, available in kit form, or we can custom build your complete pontoon, with 7 different trailer brands, and 50 models to chose from, like enclosed Newnan's trailers, to car halers, utility trails, boat trail's, check out our trailer page

Call to order all your marine products you need, including after marker I/O & Outboard motor parts, catalog order, over 3000 pages, 3 to 4 days delivery, you SAVE $$$$$




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Thank you for your under standing

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